Ideas Know No Bounds!


the innovative trampoline

The only trampoline that thanks to its patented jumping mat closes off to the surrounding surface without any gap.


Motion sensitive LED elements

Flexible in the planning

Design your own trampolines according to your imagination!
Thanks to the modular principle of TANI you are able to plan and build unique patterns and forms.


Basicly you can place TANI everywhere. We recommend the installation in impact-absorbing surface or lawn.

If you consider installing it into sand you have to expect higher wear of the materials and frequent maintenance work.



Get an individual offer!

We would love to see your plans or get to know your ideas to make you an individual offer. Just contact us.


Inclusion – It’s for everyone!

Finally accessible and safe because there are no gaps.


The trampoline needs to have a diameter of at least 1,5 m to be used by chairwheels. 


TANI is built on a modular principle and can be extended on every side.
Thanks to the new and compact method of construction you can actualy jump on 95% of the surface of the trampoline which is a very good ratio.

Spielplatzgeeignet nach
DIN EN 1176

Use It Everywhere

Be it impact-absorbing surface or lawn:

You can integrate TANI in almost every environment and create a place of joy and fun for everyone.


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